Considering An Attic Conversion?

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Considering An Attic Conversion?

Published on: 17:08 10th February 2012

If you are thinking about converting the attic in your home so that you have additional living space, don’t just rush in all guns blazing, as it could end up costing you! Remember, a conversion could add thousands to the value of your home, meaning it is an investment. And would you rush in and throw thousands in the stock market without doing your research? Chances are, probably not. So don’t do it with an extension either.

Get planning permission, speak to professional architects about whether your intentions are actually possible due to the correct support and so on, and ensure that you sniff out a good and well recommended builder to do the work. You may need to speak to plumbers too to check whether you can get hot water where you might want it in the loft conversion.

The likelihood is that many people may need to be involved with your loft conversion, including roofers if you need skylight putting in, builders for the construction work, architects for the planning and even a project manager to ensure it all runs smoothly. If you want to read a more thorough articles about the things that you need to think about before converting your attic follow the link above.

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